Founder at Bonnyline, John Lees, is an experienced business professional with a wealth of real-life experience. Having worked in senior roles in successful businesses across a number of industries and geographies, John is expertly placed to help organisations looking to step up to the next level. His combination of deep customer insights and pragmatic business acumen, provides unique solutions. Working with you using tried and tested methods developed from years of hands-on experience, he is renowned for delivering efficient and consistent results.
His credentials demonstrate the breadth of expertise across a full range of services including financial, technology, retail, operations and leadership and culture. With insight and bold, strategic execution, John helps translate ideas into action that is better expressed, better designed, better deployed and better experienced.

John Lees is a trusted colleague with a tenacity and strategic approach that would be an asset to any team. His ability to get to the core needs of complicated organisations and navigate the interests of multiple stakeholders brings clear concise direction. A personal, focused, passionate leader who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


Our corporate social responsibility and charities support play an important role in the activities of Bonnyline Ltd as a group and individually. Giving back is at the heart of our service – to our clients, our community and worldwide.

Bonnyline Ltd has a commitment to its employees, its customers, and the communities it operates within, to act professionally, to deliver an exceptional quality of service, and support and invest in the future of our business relationships.

As a company driven by its people, we put it to our people to select our charities each year. We also work pro-bono for a select number of projects we feel make a real difference in areas of importance to us.

John has a rare ability to add significant value to any organisation. Combining flair and creativity with a realism that ensures delivery promises are met, there is a severe shortage of people with the experience and skill he offers.