Specialist Services

Bonnyline provides the full spectrum of management consultancy, business development and support services – uniquely designed to assist and mentor growing SMBs. Bonnyline also provides a wealth of specialist expertise across businesses in the UK, Europe and North America, and includes:


The Bonnyline team possesses significant experience across a wide range of sectors including finance, retail, ecommerce, compliance and fraud prevention.

Our Partnership with Ahrvo ID’s artificial intelligence and advanced biometrics solutions delivers automated on-boarding, compliance workflows, and client life-cycle management. This platform enables implementation of digital identity authentication and verification for your employees, customers, devices, and applications.

Password-less technology makes applications more secure, balancing security with user experience which minimises risks and meets GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, PSD2 + SCA, PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Ahrvo ID also supports Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), Politically Exposed Persons, Global Sanction List, Blacklist Exclusions and more.

The ability to approach a business from a client perspective makes Bonnyline a key member of any senior leadership team – communicating market trends and informing direction. This wisdom and drive makes John a key member of our team.

John is one person you can rely on to get a job done – he is an excellent change agent for businesses needing someone who is highly versatile to accelerate and implement change and growth.


There is a growing demand by both organisations and consumers to be more environmentally friendly. This has created a growing number of green business opportunities. From sustainable services to helping others to be more eco-conscious or offering environmentally friendly products and packaging, Bonnyline has both the ethical interest and practical experience to assist businesses with implementing initiatives or advising emerging “green” start-ups.

One excellent example of this is Element Packaging.

The Bonnyline Leadership team has worked with the two Element Founders to assist Business Development, Fund Raising and Revenue Growth from new business sectors.

International Payments & Prepaid Card Programmes

Bonnyline provide an international payments service to corporate organisations and their employees.

Our expertise and reputable partnerships establishes your currency requirements and helps obtain the best rates available. Our team can help accelerate the Compliance, KYC and Regulatory tasks that are required before creating a simple and secure way to transfer your money overseas with competitive rates and minimal fees.

This applies equally to the creation of a commercial or retail prepaid card programme.

Bonnyline was instrumental in providing specific, tailored advice which has greatly benefited our business. From our first meeting, John provided sound and expert advice, great product knowledge and actionable solutions!

With a passion for efficiency, and as an impeccable planner, John applies critical thinking, industry knowledge and versatility into getting results.

Voltage Optimisation

Bonnyline offers professional advice and guidance that helps your business make practical improvements to save energy, spend less on electricity costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our energy management expertise means that we can offer a bespoke and customised service to tailor a range of voltage optimisation products to your organisation’s specific needs.